Books: My Favorites

I enjoy reading books about business, leadership, religion, history, biographies and Literature. This list contains my favorite books. I do not know what I absorbed from any one book. I just know these books changed me in some way.


Taking Chances (1986) Dale Dauten … Putting passion and creativity to work.

Leaders (1985) Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus… The four Keys for Effective leadership.

The Art of Leader (1990) William Cohen… Qualities of an effective leader.

Be All Your Can Be (1987) John Maxwell

Do It -&- Life 101 – John Rogers and Peter Williams

The Leader (1981) Michael Maccoby… A new face for American management.

Character (1988) Gail Sheely… America’s search for leadership.

The Projection Principle (1988) Dr. George Weinbery and Diane Rowe

The Tao of Leadership (1997) John Heider

The Situational Leader (1984) Dr. Paul Hersey… the other 59 minutes.

The Executive Odyssey (1989) Frederick Harman… Secrets for a career without limits.

Reminiscences of the Civil War … Gen. John Brown Gordon… a true lessen on leadership.


The Death of Common Sense (1994) Phillip Howard… How law is suffocating America

The Power Game (1988) Hedrick Smith

Atlas Shrugged (1957) Ayn Rand… beware of centralized government planning

Dixie After the War (1906) Mary Lockett Avary and General Clement A. Evans




Management: Tasks-Responsibilities-Practices… Peter F. Drucker

The Additive Organization, (1988) Ann Wilson Schaef and Diane Fassel

On a Clear Day You can General Motors (1979) John Z. Delorean By Patrick Wright

The Intuitive Manager (1986) Roy Rowan… The subconscious elements of success.

The Renewal Factor, Robert H. Waterman Jr. … How the best get and keep the competitive edge.

A Better Idea – Redefining the Way Americans Work (1991) Donald E. Peterson (Ford CEO)

The Rise of the Expert Company (1988) Edward Feigenbaum, Pamela McCorduck, H. Penny Nii…

Mind of a Manager/ Soul of a Leader (1990) Craig R. Hickman

Innovation-The Attackers Advantage – Richard Foster (S-curve analysis)

The Ultimate Entrepreneur  Glenn Rifkin and George Harran… the story of Ken Olsen and DEC.

My Years With General Motors Alfred P. Sloan, Jr…. the seeds of its successs and, now we see, the seeds of its failure.


The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers (1987) Paul Kennedy… Economic change and military power 1500 to 2000.

A Short History of Nearly Everything (2003)  Bill Bryson

The Education of Henry Adams (1918) Henry Adams

Mont Saint Michel and Chartres  (1905) Henry Adams

President Kennedy (1993) Richard Reeves… Profile in Power.

John Adams (2001) David McCullough

Lincoln – David Herbert Donald

George Washington a Life – Willard Sterne Randall

American Sphinx-The Character of Thomas Jefferson – Joseph J. Ellis

Andrew Jackson (2005) H. W. Brands

Theodore Roosevelt – A Life   Nathan Miller

When the Cheering Stopped (1964) Gene Smith… Life of Woodrow Wilson

F.D.R. (1985) Ted Morgan

Polk – The man who transformed the Presidency and America – Walter R. Borneman

John Quincy Adams – A public Life- a Private Life (1997) Paul C. Nagel

Jefferson Davis- American (2000)  William Cooper Jr.

The last Founding Father- James Monroe (2009) Harlow Giles Unger

Wilkie (1952) Joseph Barnes… The life of Wendell Wilkie

The Greek Way (1930) – The Roman Way (1932) Edith Hamilton

Napoleon Bonaparte (1997) Alan Schom

Cicero … Anthony Everitt

Millionaire (1999) Janet Gleeson… The Mississippi bubble and John Law

The First World War (1994) Martin Gilbert

A Diary form Dixie (1905) Mary Chestnut


F. Scott Fitzgerald:The Great Gatsby/The Beautiful and the Damned?/Flappers and Philosophers/ Tales of the Jazz Age/This Side of Paradise

Sherwood Anderson: Winesburg, Ohio/ The Triumph of the Egg/ Horses and Men

William Faulkner: Light in August

James Agee: A Death in the Family/Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

George Orwell: Animal Farm (1946)

John Steinbeck: The Grapes of Wrath

Margaret Mitchell: Gone With the Wind



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